Our values

Millcorp organizes its corporate culture around three core values: integrity, commitment and excellence. These are the three vectors of success for each operation led by Millcorp.
These values are essential to achieve our main operational goal: To deliver customer satisfaction and keeping strong and sustainable relationship with each of our partners.


The integrity on which we build all our partner relationships stands on transparency of our actions. We encourage traceability of our decisions, associated with continuous and transparent communication. In addition, each employee represents a link in the value chain and focuses her everyday work on the smooth and efficient progress of our operations.


In our work we favor an approach aimed at establishing long-term and stable relationships based on trust and mutual commitment with our customers.


Our ambition is to exceed expectations of our customers. This ongoing goal is above all collective and its day-to-day fulfilment implies evolution and constant improvement of the quality requirements for our shipments, processes and skills of each collaborator, associate, partner.


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